THE ROCK Dublin is committed to delivering the best rock from all decades across all genres. Our team is made up of rock music fanatics who live and breath music.


This ensures that we have our finger on the pulse for what fans want to hear and how we can help develop THE ROCK music landscape across Ireland. We are committed to supporting emerging rock bands to make sure they don’t “give up” and help build a fan base that can help sustain them on their journey.

We are a commercial station however, we will only play two ads in each commercial break (as opposed to eight like other stations)


“Less ad breaks……more lead breaks”!!


This ensures a better experience for the listeners whilst delivering a better result for our advertisers.


In short, THE ROCK is a station that is run by a team of professionals that have true passion for ROCK music and understand not only what drives bands to deliver great music but also what fans really want to hear.

Our promise to our listeners is that we will only ever play the best ROCK from all over the world!!

……..and if you have any suggestions on how we can improve, please drop us a line!


But until then… Keep it on the ROCK!